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The city of Carver Minnesota has an interconnected network of parks, trails, and natural resource areas for public use. Its recreational elements are one of the key elements that define the quality of life that Carver offers to its residents.

RIVERSIDE PARK: is located along the riverfront and has trail access, a boat launch, archery range, and parking lot. It’s a beautiful park that offers a variety of fun activities for families or anyone wanting to enjoy a scenic walk in a local park.




DEPOT PARK: surrounds the historic Carver water tower and old caboose train and serves as an important entry landmark for the City.   As an entry to the City, Depot park maintains the historic site and provides a unique sense of place to the City.

GAZEBO PARK: is A “public square” at the corner of Third Street and Broadway. Gazebo Park provides a central gathering focus for the downtown area.

LIONS PARK: is primarily used as an active recreation park and consists of two level “terraces” on a sloping hillside.

OVERLOOK PARK: this small scenic overlook park in the Carver Creek development provides some of the city’s most impressive views and a picnic area for the public.

COMMUNITY PARK: a park intended to provide a full range of active recreational facilities. This park is approximately 22 acres and has 2 softball fields, 1 baseball field, playground equipment, batting Cage, trails, picnic shelter, and a hockey rink and skate park with lights.

CARVER BLUFFS PARK: contains approximately 18 acres and is on the lower side of a bluff, that shares boundaries with US Fish and Wildlife properties. It has 2 soccer fields, a picnic shelter with bathrooms and is trailhead to the US Fish and wildlife refuge.

MEADOW BLUFF: is land that’s narrow and consists of forested bluff lands.

MINNESOTA VALLEY NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE: The Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, which also includes the Minnesota Valley Trail State Park, is gradually being expanded along a 34-mile stretch of the Minnesota River from Fort Snelling to the city of Jordan.  This 589-acre unit is mostly undeveloped and provides boat access from Riverside Park.

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