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The city of Woodbury, Minnesota is located east of St. Paul and on the western border of Washington County. The largest city in Washington County (population-wise), Woodbury encompasses a total land area of 35.56 square miles and is home to nearly 67,000 residents, making it Minnesota’s tenth largest city based on population. Residents appreciate the city for a multitude of reasons. For starters, the city has a fantastic parks system. With over 3,000 acres of dedicated park land containing 40 parks and a swimming beach, residents have tons of natural amenities to explore. That is not counting the two golf courses and the massive Bielenberg Sports Center which are also located within the city. There is certainly no shortage of active amenity options within the city. Residents also enjoy extensive amenities in regards to commercial development. With two malls, many major employers, several retail shopping centers, and numerous places of worship, Woodbury truly offers a complete suburban lifestyle package. Residents who choose to live in Woodbury understand that they are choosing a completely self-sufficient city with all of the modern comforts imaginable.

Woodbury is 12.4 miles (17 minutes) away from downtown St. Paul. With Interstates 94 and 494 running in and around the city, the city of Woodbury has excellent access to the Twin Cities metro area. In addition to being able to quickly navigate the eastern suburbs, residents have a straight shot to the heart of both St. Paul and Minneapolis via Interstate 94. Because the city of Woodbury offers its residents so many great amenities, residents do not necessarily need infrastructure to acquire basic necessities. Rather, residents utilize the excellent infrastructure to experience the best amenities Minnesota has to offer. With exceptional shopping, dining, parks, recreation, employment options, and entertainment both in and around the city of Woodbury, residents can pick and choose their living experience. For those desiring a dynamic community offering the amenities of a fully-fledged suburbia, Woodbury is a great choice.

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