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The city of St. Paul Park, Minnesota is located southeast of St. Paul and on the southwestern border of Washington County. Encompassing a total area of 3.58 square miles and home to over 5,300 residents, St. Paul Park is a medium-sized suburb.

The city is located on the banks of the Mississippi River, providing scenic views and great access to this historic river. Much of the city’s heritage and history are linked to the river making it a central landmark in the community. While the city is primarily residential, St. Paul Park also incorporates some light industrial developments as well as restaurants and other services found in the downtown area. Residents enjoy the laid back way of life that is provided by St. Paul Park.

St. Paul Park is 15 miles (20 minutes) outside of St. Paul. The major route that runs through the city is US Highway 10. This route is a straight shot to the heart of St. Paul and intersects with major Interstates 94 and 494. For St. Paul Park residents hoping to explore some of the amenities of the big city, the quick access routes are a huge benefit. Some of the best dining, shopping, entertainment, recreation, and employment opportunities are available just a short drive away. This incredible access to the metro area makes St. Paul Park a suitable commuter town for those looking to work in the city while living in a suburb. For those seeking this sort of setup, suburban living with urban employment, St. Paul Park makes a great choice. Additionally, those simply wishing to live on a river in a peaceful community will also find St. Paul Park to be a good option.

To learn more about the community, history, parks, and schools within the city of St. Paul Park, please refer to our supporting articles.

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