Interviewing a New Agent After Your Home Expires?

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Their are three main reasons why a home doesn’t sell; PRICE, MARKETING and CONDITION.  When interviewing for a new agent find out what kind of marketing plan they offer and what they focus the majority of their marketing efforts on (print ads, internet, mailings, etc).  Remember the majority of buyers, over 90% according to the National Association of Realtors, find their listings online.  What kind of presence will your home have online?  Do they take their own pictures?  Most agents do…ask for a sample of their 3 most recent listings to see what kind of pictures they take.  How many pictures do they have available for buyers to view?  Great pictures get showings, and the more the better!  Do they offer virtual tours of the property?  Curb-side information via text to a potential buyers smart phones?  As the seller you decide the price, but what kind of information are they providing about current market conditions in your area?   Are their views on price realistic or are they promising you the sky?  After a showing of your property how will they communicate feedback?  How often do they keep in contact with you and how (email, phone call, marketing report, etc)?  Do they have any suggestions for the property (staging, repair, de-clutter, etc.)?  Go online and checkout their website, current listings, blog, etc.  See first hand how they market their listings…do your homework.

Also, pay attention to the questions they are asking you.  If your listing previously expired then they should be interviewing you as well to find out what went right and what went wrong.  By doing so they will be able to evaluate the situation better and tweak their marketing plan accordingly.

There are many wonderful and professional Realtors in the industry with a high level of integrity.  Find one.  Find a Realtor that takes this job seriously.  Don’t just find the person that is filled with promises (fast sale with low commissions, the pricing advice that you want to hear rather than the truth, etc.)  At this point you know promises aren’t selling your home, you need RESULTS, you need to sell your home for the most money possible in the shortest period of time.  Ask your friends, family, and co-workers if they would recommend anyone. As cliche’ as it sounds, remember to pay attention to your gut.  My belief is that your gut will tell you a good deal about a person and sometimes a successful transaction is due in part to the ability to feel comfortable talking to the person who is guiding you through the details of this important process.

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What's your home worth? What's your home worth? Find out instantly