Restaurants on Lake Minnetonka

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Lake Minnetonka is an iconic lake that one can easily fall in love with. From the beautiful overlook of its bays, to its several marinas, this lake has served locals for years. In addition to its many amenities, Lake Minnetonka is home to some of the most popular restaurants in the area, whether there they be fine dining, or casual. If you are looking for a place to eat that overlooks this beautiful lake, here are some options:

Restaurants ON Lake Minnetonka

Maynards: Located in the small city of Excelsior, Maynards has been around for almost 20 years. This restaurant was built on the very same spot that a popular amusement park once stood in the early 1900’s. Today, it offers one of the best lake-view dining spots around, and its casual dining is sure to make any customer happy. The restaurant also is host to a bar area that is the perfect place to catch any sports games during happy hour. This wonderful place is an attraction to both locals and visitors, and on any summer day it can be seen full of happy customers.

Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lodge: Located in Spring Park and yet another amazingly popular spot on Lake Minnetonka, this restaurant serves as the perfect place to have a party during the summer months. There are two dining areas, the main dining and the wharf. The main dining, located within the building, allows a fancy venue for visitors to eat. The area is highly decorated with old, historic looking pictures of Lake Minnetonka. This world class dining locale is sure to please its daily customers, as they are able to gain an overlook of the lake while they eat. Another dining area is the wharf. The wharf can be found outside the restaurant. It offers a bar and stage for music. Customers can also take their boats to visit as the restaurant has its own docking area. Additionally, tournaments can be held along the beach as it contains several volleyball courts. This beach-like atmosphere is a perfect place to enjoy a large gathering.

The Bayside Grille: The Bayside Grille is another restaurant on Lake Minnetonka’s shores in Excelsior that features dockside dining. Visitors can simply drive their boats up to the dock and dine as opposed to driving. While the novelty adds to the experience, it is the beautiful views of Lake Minnetonka that truly make this restaurant so special.

6Smith: This fancy restaurant serves seafood and steak, and offers a prime view of Lake Minnetonka. 6Smith has extremely high standards for its food quality and service. They will go above and beyond to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for luxury dining mixed with a lakeside atmosphere, this is an ideal location.

COV: Being located in the spectacular city of Wayzata, next to Lake Minnetonka, and offering prime service makes this lakeside restaurant a main attraction in the city. The east coast feel of the atmosphere is sure to keep customers coming back for more.

Al & Alma’s: This unique style of dining is not stationary in the least. The company offers several boat cruises around Lake Minnetonka. As Minnesotans do not get many chances to enjoy many local boat cruises, Al & Alma’s is the perfect place to catch a ride and a meal. Whether you’re planning a meal for just two, or a group of fifty, Al & Alma’s fleet of luxury yachts is the perfect setting for a great brunch, lunch, or dinner on a cruise.

Bayview: Bayview is a restaurant that offers casual dining during the beautiful summer months. This excellent location on Lake Minnetonka is a wonderful place dock your boat, get out, and enjoy a quality meal.

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