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The pictures that are used to market a home are the basis for ALL online and print marketing of it. That means that if the photography of your home is bad, then unfortunately ALL the marketing materials of your home will be bad too!

-96% of all homes are first seen online and once your home is listed online, it will never get a

-The fist showing of a home will typically be online. If a buyer is still interested then they do a second showing which is a ‘drive-by’ to evaluate the neighborhood. Usually it’s not un til the thrid showing when a buyer officially scheduales an appointment to physicially walk through and view the property.Most consumer grade cameras and lenses are designed for captuing close up pictures of objects like people. Our real estate photography and the technology used are VERY different because the goal is to capture an enviroment and give important context to the spaces in your home.Getting the correct amount of light is essiential in order to capture great pictures. We use an advance technology called ‘High Dynamic Range’ (HDR) photography whcih takes multiple pictures at different levels of light and combines them together to create the perfect light to ensure the very best photos.

If the realtor you’re working with can’t afford great real estate photography of your home, guess who its costing? YOU!Image result for 3d tour



What's your home worth? What's your home worth? Find out instantly

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What's your home worth? Find out instantly
What's your home worth? What's your home worth? Find out instantly