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Six to Eight Weeks Prior

❑ Begin “weeding out”

❑ Conduct a garage sale

❑ Obtain estimates from three moving companies

❑ Contact your insurance agent to discuss the transfer of our homeowner’s policy

❑ Notify all professional people and baking institution of your up coming move

Four Weeks Prior

❑ Select a moving company

❑ Begin packing items that are seldom used

❑ Make arrangements if pets need to be transported

❑ Contact the state Motor Vehicle Department if changes are necessary

❑ Obtain change-of-address cards from the Post Office

Two Week Prior

❑ Confirm travel arrangements

❑ Have your automobile serviced so that it will be totally prepared for the trip

❑ Notify utility companies of exact shut-off or transfer date, and turn-on or transfer date at destination

❑ Notify other service companies such as: newspaper, gardener, diaper service, etc.

❑ Call moving representative to review details and confirm schedule

One Week Prior

❑ Make sure the moving company has the address and phone number of your new residence and     place of employment

❑ Set aside all documents, valuables, and important papers that will be traveling with you

❑ Make final arrangements at your bank.  Buy travelers checks and a cashier’s check for the landlord, etc., discuss details and make sure they all have your new address

❑ Have a “Farewell Party” for friends, relatives, and neighbors.  Keep it simple.

Consider using plastic and paper products.

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What's your home worth? Find out instantly
What's your home worth? What's your home worth? Find out instantly