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Lake Minnetonka is the host of some of the most beautiful houses in the state of Minnesota. As the tenth largest lake, and easily the busiest and most heavily accessed body of water in the state, Lake Minnetonka is widely renowned for its scenic shores and vibrant community.  It has over 14,000 acres of water surface, 11 miles at its widest length across, and more than 100 miles of shoreline. The average depth level in the lake is 30 feets, and the ice gets about 25 inches thick in the winter months. Despite the metro location, Lake Minnetonka is rated one of the finest, most consistent fish producing lakes in the state. The locals in the area of Lake Minnetonka are testaments to the rich community that it provides. On any given summer day, the lake will be teaming with activity, and community events take place year-round.

Lake Minnetonka holds valuable historical significance for the state of Minnesota. From the time it was first discovered by settlers, through its glory days of tourism, and up until today, the lake has provided countless amenities for Minnesota’s residents. It is important to understand the history of the lake in order to fully appreciate what it has become today.

Over the years, there have been many iconic homes that have been built around the lake by some of Minnesota’s most well-known families. Many of these homes are over a century old. Ranging in styles from quaint to extravagant, these homes can be appreciated today while cruising around the lake’s shoreline. Some of the most expensive and luxurious homes in Minnesota are found on Lake Minnetonka’s shores.

In addition to its community, history, and iconic homes, Lake Minnetonka provides a plethora of bays, beaches, and marinas. For families interested in a place to dock their boat, or a spot to take the family for a summer swim, Lake Minnetonka is the perfect place to enjoy aquatic recreation. The sheer number of aquatic amenities sets Lake Minnetonka apart from the other Minnesota lakes. It is this incredible wealth of activity that truly makes living on Lake Minnetonka so desirable.

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