Lake Hiawatha

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Lake Hiawatha is located just north of Lake Nokomis in South Minneapolis. Lake Hiawatha is a beautiful Lake offering numerous recreational activities that can be enjoyed year round. Lake Hiawatha features fishing, tennis courts, basketball courts, softball fields, rec center, bike paths, walking paths, hockey rinks, canoeing, kayaking, and more. The lake itself encompases an area of 53 acres with a maximum depth of 33 feet. Lake Hiawatha is also an excellent place for fishing with numerous species of fish including largemouth bass, northern pike, black bullhead, black crappie, bluegill, carp, sunfish, walleye, and more. Lake Hiawatha offers numerous amenities making it an attractive lake for outdoor  recreational activities.

In the early 1900s, Lake Hiawatha was no more than a swampy wetland called Rice Lake. After purchasing the land, the city of Minneapolis worked hard to convert the swampy land into an attractive lake with deep water and numerous attractions. After the renovation the name of the lake was changed to Hiawatha after the hero Hiawatha in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem The Song of Hiawatha.

Lake Hiawatha is surrounded by several neighborhoods including the neighborhood community of Ericsson. Ericsson is a beautiful quiet residential neighborhood with plenty of parks and green spaces making it a great community to raise a family. Ericsson is home to mainly single family houses with great character, tree lined streets, and the feel of a suburban community. Ericsson is an attractive community that continues to thrive with several small businesses.

Lake Hiawatha is surrounded by numerous parks, green spaces, and a golf course offering a wide range of recreational options. Lake Hiawatha Park is a 241 acre park surrounding Lake Hiawatha. Lake Hiawatha Park is fun place to enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities while experiencing the beauty of Lake Hiawatha. The park features a basketball court, tennis court, soccer field, softball field, hockey rink, ice skating rink, playground equipment, horseshoe pit, walking path, wading pool, fishing pier,  golf course, foot golf, driving range, and Lake Hiawatha beach. Lake Hiawatha Park is a great way to enjoy the beauty surrounding Lake Hiawatha.


Lake Hiawatha Golf Club is an 18-hole course situated on 140 acres of beautiful land on Lake Hiawatha. Lake Hiawatha Golf Club offers a long course with beautiful scenery including mature trees, small greens, 2 fairways, 12 ponds, and 30 sand traps offering both a unique challenge and a lot of fun. Lake Hiawatha Golf Club also features locker rooms, a pro shop, lessons, leagues, driving range, foot golf, and a restaurant.

Lake Hiawatha features numerous restaurants and small shops catering to the shopping, dining, and entertainment needs of residents in the area. Colossal Cafe is a local favorite serving excellent food along with outstanding service. Colossal Cafe is dedicated to creating outstanding meals with best ingredients possible.

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