Lake Harriet

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Lake Harriet is located just southwest of downtown Minneapolis and south of Lake Calhoun as a part of the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes. Lake Harriet is surrounded by parkland and numerous recreational opportunities year round. Lake Harriet is constantly bustling with activity featuring sailing, boating, swimming, biking, walking, canoeing, and more. Lake Harriet’s Parkway and trail system is a part of the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway connecting Lake Harriet to Lake Calhoun and the Minnehaha Creek trail system. The Lake itself covers an area of 335 acres with a maximum depth of 85 feet. Lake Harriet is also home to excellent fishing with several species of fish including bluegill, crappie, muskie, northern pike, largemouth bass, and walleye. Lake Harriet is an excellent lake with numerous amenities and activities that make it one of the most attractive destinations in the Minneapolis.

The area around Lake Harriet was first inhabited by the Native Dakota people who named the lake Mde Unma, meaning other lake. The land around the lake was later purchased by Colonel William S. King who donated the land to the city of Minneapolis in 1855. The lake was later named Harriet after the wife of Colonel Henry Leavenworth who was posted at Fort Snelling. Lake Harriet is surrounded by the excellent and well known neighborhood of. Linden Hills features charming modest sized craftman styled homes with numerous shops and stores within walking distance. Linden Hills is full of beautiful hilly scenery with tree lined streets making it an attractive neighborhood to call home.

Lake Harriet is surrounded by several beaches and parks offering a wide range of recreational activities that all residents in the area can enjoy.Lake Harriet Park is a 470 acre park with 2.7 miles of walking paths and 3 miles of biking paths surrounding Lake Harriet. Lake Harriet Park features a beach, boat dock, boat launch, fishing pier, garden, picnic area, playground equipment, bandstand, and more. Lake Harriet Park is also home to the Lake Harriet Bandshell. Lake Harriet Bandshell is a beautiful bandshell overlooking Lake Harriet hosting numerous events including live music and weddings.

Beards Plaisance Park is a 126 acres park on the southwest shores of Lake Harriet. Beards Plaisance Park features beautiful views of the lake, playground equipment, picnic areas, and tennis court. Beard Plaisance Park is an excellent place to enjoy the beauty surrounding Lake Harriet.


Lake Harriet also has two beaches including North Beach and Southeast Beach. North Beach is a beautiful beach featuring excellent swimming, a bike path, and floating swim dock. Southeast Beach is located on the southeast shores of Lake Harriet with excellent swimming.


Lake Harriet is surrounded by numerous shopping and dining options that all residents can enjoy. Tilia is an excellent neighborhood bistro located in Linden Hills offering creative american dishes and craft beers.Tilia features carefully selected high quality ingredients used to create exceptional dishes by some of the best chefs in the Twin Cities. Tilia’s menu features soup, cheeseburgers, fish tacos, turkey burgers, grilled chicken thighs, shrimp, meatballs, escargot, and more. Tilia also offers 21 different kinds of craft beer along with 35 different bottles of high caliber wine at the lowest prices.

Zumbro Cafe is a family owned restaurant serving healthy and delicious dishes. Zumbro Cafe features wild rice chicken hash, cornmeal blueberry pancakes, teddybear pancakes, eggs benedict, steak salad, blt mac and cheese, and more. Zumbro Cafe uses only fresh locally sourced ingredients to ensure that every dish is as high quality as possible.

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