‘For Sale By Owner’ Myth

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Real estate transactions can be tricky. The widespread myth that selling real estate is easy has lured many home sellers into making expensive mistakes by trying (and failing) to sell their own home.

Many people assume that all you need is a sales contract, a classified ad and a “For Sale” sign. But even the most basic step — setting the correct sale price — depends on a number of factors. The location, size and condition of your home, the relationship between the local supply of homes and the number of qualified buyers, and the recent selling prices of comparable homes in your neighborhood all affect the market value of your property. Homeowners who sell without a professional realtor often misread the local market and overprice the home.

Sellers might also mishandle contingencies, home inspections, title clearance, deadlines and disclosures. The advice and guidance of an experienced real estate agent is essential to ensure that you avoid the risk of expensive litigation and ensure a successful home sale.

What's your home worth? What's your home worth? Find out instantly

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What's your home worth? Find out instantly
What's your home worth? What's your home worth? Find out instantly