Details, Details, DETAILS! They make All the Difference When Building a Home!

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Building a home can be VERY exciting AND at many times also be overwhelming. Which builder to work with? What floor plan makes the most sense? The thousands of decisions to make with design and construction details? Figuring out how to make everything fit in the timeframe and budget that works best for your family!  Many home buyers that choose to build a home can unknowingly make MANY costly mistakes before, during, and after choosing build a home. One of the worst is not having exclusive representation with their own realtor.

Many builders have their own sales reps (realtor), who despite being warm, friendly, or even helpful if you visit their model homes, they are legally ONLY representing and looking out for the best interests of the Builder/Seller and their investors. Everything you share with them, or (don’t tell them) is used EXCLUSIVELY for their benefit to get the best price and terms.

If you were getting sued by someone, you’d never hire the same attorney to also represent you. It’s a conflict of interest. Same is true when building a home. Having your own experienced realtor who exclusively represents your interests will save you significant time, money, and headaches!

Builder handyman with construction tools. House renovation background.’Representing yourself’ without a licensed realtor doesn’t save you money, it just puts the buyer commission the builder offers (for you to have your own representation) back into the pocket of the builder or in many situations, has the listing agent/rep double paid… without reprinting your interests!

In one of the largest financial investments you’ll ever make, and especially in a complicated process of design and building, their is no question of the significant value, benefits, and saving you can have by working with the right kind of realtor who is a building expert.

Over the last 15 years, and over a billion in gross sales, I’ve been as a realtor who has helped over 2,000 families with selling, buying, and building their homes. As a broker I understand extensively all things real estate, and as a licensed general contractor I also understand the intimate details of home construction, remodeling, and design. Not all builders and realtors are created equal.  Give me a call for a FREE consultation anytime. I promise, you won’t regret it! David Olson 952.314.9446 [email protected]


Here’s a unique property tour from a newly built executive home I recently sold. In the tour I highlight some of the distinguishing elements that make this home and it’s design and construction better than many other new homes in the area.

What's your home worth? What's your home worth? Find out instantly

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What's your home worth? Find out instantly
What's your home worth? What's your home worth? Find out instantly