City of Woodbury: A Brief History

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Woodbury, Minnesota was first settled in 1840s and was used for farmland. One of the first settlers was John McHattie, who arrived in 1841. In 1849, the area was established as Minnesota Territory, which brought many new settlers, from the eastern states and Germany.

When Minnesota became a state in 1857, the township government in Woodbury was established. Woodbury was a part of Red Rock Township, which also included Newport. Originally, the city of Woodbury was named Red Rock after a famous painting by the Dakota Indians. Later officials found out that there was another town in the state named Red Rock. Because of this, the name was changed to Woodbury, which was named after United States Senator and Supreme Court Justice, Levi Woodbury.

In the 1870s, an influx of settlers began arriving in Woodbury, Minnesota. Many of the new settlers were German immigrants, who established farms. The earliest crops for these farmers was wheat as well as barley, corn and potatoes. During the 1900s, dairying became the most important farming business. Many animals, including sheep, hogs, and cattle were raised by early residents. In the 1960s, urban development expanded and replaced much of the farming land.

In 1960, the population of Woodbury was 3,014, and by 1980 the number of residents reached 10,000. In the 1980s, residential and commercial development sprung up near the freeway, which resulted in major growth. Today, the city is home to over 65,000 residents, and the community continues to grow and develop.

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