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The city of Pine Springs, Minnesota is a very small city located northeast of St. Paul and in the midwestern section of Washington County. Home to around 400 residents and occupying an area of less than 1 square mile, Pine Springs is a very tight-knit, small-town community. In total, the city contains around 140 homes which border Long Lake. Embodying a true rural feel, the city has no water, sewer, street lights, sidewalks, or school. The city is manned by volunteers, and residents appreciate the ownership that they take in the community by volunteering and communing with one another. Neighborhoods in Pine Springs are very peaceful. The average home is established on a two-acre lot, meaning neighborhoods are more spread out than nearby cities. There aren’t any commercial areas in Pine Springs. Rather, the entire city is either residential or natural. This isn’t a problem, however, because residents have excellent access to nearby amenities.

Pine Springs is 13 miles (14 minutes) away from St. Paul. There are two major routes that run through Pine Springs. State Highway 36 connects the city to many of its neighbors. Interstate 694 connects the city to the Twin Cities metro area. Because there aren’t commercial areas within Pine Springs, many residents enjoy going to the metro area on occasion. With its premier shopping, dining, entertainment, recreation, and employment options, the Twin Cities metro is able to fill in the suburban comforts that Pine Springs is missing. Residents choose to live in Pine Springs to be separated from the busyness of urban life. For those seeking this kind of separation, where daily life involves tranquility and natural beauty but options are always available to embrace more, Pine Springs might be the right fit for you.

To learn more about the community, history, parks, and schools within the city of Pine Springs, please refer to our supporting articles.

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