14834 Rosewood Lane, Burnsville MN 55306 New Listing


‘14834 Rosewood Lane, Burnsville MN 55306’ New Listing

Check out this unique and brand new home in Dakota County, nestled in the heart of the city of Burnsville Minnesota. ‘14834 Rosewood Lane, Burnsville MN 55306’ is a magnificent townhome that is exceptional in every detail with its spacious layout, sophisticated interior, and incredible outdoor spaces.   You can learn more about the gorgeous home by visiting our in depth custom property website HERE. This resource includes a 3D tour, floor plans with measurements of the entire home, along with more great insights about this unique home. Also on our property website we’ve included some detailed information about the schools, parks & trails, community life, and history of Burnsville Minnesota.

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‘14834 Rosewood Lane, Burnsville MN 55306’

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