Cedar Lake

Tagged: Cedar Lake, west Downtown Minneapolis, north Lake Calhoun, west Lake of the Isles, Grand Rounds Scenic Byway, Minneapolis Chain of Lakes, downtown Minneapolis,

Cedar Lake is located just west of Downtown Minneapolis surrounded by beautiful red cedar trees and excellent neighborhoods. Cedar Lake is situated north of Lake Calhoun and just west of Lake of the Isles in the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes. Cedar Lake is also part of the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway, a trail system connecting […]

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Lake Calhoun

Tagged: downtown Minneapolis, Chain of Lakes, City of Minneapolis,

Lake Calhoun is a beautiful lake located just south of downtown Minneapolis and is apart of the city’s Chain of Lakes. Lake Calhoun is the biggest lake within the City of Minneapolis and is a popular destination for outdoor activities year round. Calhoun is surrounded by a city park and circled by walking and biking […]

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Lake Harriet

Tagged: North Beach Lake Harriet, Southeast Beach Lake Harriet, Tilia bistro, Zumbro Cafe, southwest Minneapolis, Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis Chain of Lakes, eard Plaisance Park, Lake Harriet, downtown Minneapolis,

Lake Harriet is located just southwest of downtown Minneapolis and south of Lake Calhoun as a part of the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes. Lake Harriet is surrounded by parkland and numerous recreational opportunities year round. Lake Harriet is constantly bustling with activity featuring sailing, boating, swimming, biking, walking, canoeing, and more. Lake Harriet’s Parkway and […]

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